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Hi Barbie!

Hey Vintage Nordica fam! 🌟

Guess what? Our Barbie Collection just dropped, and it’s pure magic! 🎀✨

barbie art

Picture this: Barbie meets pin-up retro vibes. Each piece, from phone and iPad cases to notebooks, planners, coffee mugs, luggage tags, and travel bottles, features Barbie-inspired fan art that’s straight out of a glam time capsule.

What makes these designs stand out? We’ve sprinkled in a bit of rockabilly, a lot of nostalgia, and a whole lotta “Stay Weird” attitude. Because let’s be real – we’re not all Stereotypical Barbies!

📱 Your tech deserves a makeover, right? Our Barbie-inspired phone and iPad cases are the perfect blend of chic and protection. Who said planning can’t be glamorous? Our vintage-inspired notebooks and planners are here to make your dreams and schemes fabulous.

☕️ Sip your morning brew in style with our Barbie mugs. Your coffee has never looked so chic.

✈️ Traveling soon? Spot your suitcase in a sea of black bags with our unique Barbie luggage tags. Travel just got a whole lot more fabulous.

🏖️ Stay hydrated on the go with our Barbie travel bottles. Because staying refreshed should always be fashionable.

So, what’s the inspo behind it all? We want you to embrace your true self and “Stay Weird.” In a world that often nudges us to conform, these designs scream individuality. Each piece is a reminder to be unapologetically you, Barbie.

To all the Barbie fans out there, this collection is for you. It’s for the dreamers, the rebels, and those who love to “Stay Weird.” Let’s celebrate the glam, the quirks, and everything that makes us unique.💄✨

Stay weird and stay fabulous! XOXO,


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