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Vintage Nordica is dedicated to serving the creative souls who embrace alternative aesthetics and seek to express themselves through unique and unconventional styles.

zazzle wedding wreath

Our Story

Vintage Nordica was born out of a passion for blending the enchanting allure of vintage, noir, gothic, steampunk, fantasy, and medieval themes with the mystical spirituality of Pagan and Wiccan traditions. As a creative soul myself, I felt a deep longing to carve out a space where individuals like me could find inspiration, community, and a sense of belonging.

zazzle pagan art


Our inspiration comes from the rich tapestry of human history, mythology, and folklore, as well as the intricate beauty of nature and the cosmos.

We are drawn to the mysterious allure of forgotten realms, the whimsical charm of bygone eras, and the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions.

zazzle wedding stationery

Our Commitment

At Vintage Nordica, we are committed to curating and offering high-quality, unique products that reflect the essence of our brand. 

We partner exclusively with Zazzle to bring our designs to life. The platform offers a wide range of products, personalization options, and handles production and delivery with the same dedication to quality that we uphold.

Our Clients Say

Goth couple wedding stationery
"My partner and I are thrilled with the wedding stationery options from Vintage Nordica! As a couple who adores fantasy, we were delighted to find such unique and elegant choices for our dream wedding. It's been a perfect fit for our non-traditional celebration."

Raven, Freelance Artist

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