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Timeless Christmas with Vintage Nordica

Hello to all our cherished Vintage Nordica enthusiasts!

As the first frost kisses the ground and we pull out our cozy winter wear, there’s an unmistakable magic in the air. Yes, the most awaited season is upon us – Christmas! And if there’s one thing I cherish more than the scent of freshly baked cookies or the soft hum of carols, it’s decking out my space in the quintessential Vintage Nordica style.

christmas collection zazzle

This year, I’m beyond thrilled to introduce our exclusive Christmas/Winter holidays collection on Zazzle. Trust me; it’s like stepping into a winter wonderland every time you glance at one of our pieces.

For the Stick & Sparkle Lovers: Our Christmas vinyl stickers are the ideal accompaniment to your festive décor. Whether it’s the charm of Xmas trees, heartwarming stockings, or delightful presents, there’s a sticker to capture every sentiment.

The Heartfelt Note Senders: For those handwritten messages to distant family or the next-door neighbor, our watercolor Christmas card is a masterpiece. The depiction of a traditional, cozy room with a glowing fireplace, Christmas tree, and that inviting armchair (we all have our favorite!) simply screams old-world charm.

Table-setting Enthusiasts, Rejoice: Our Christmas textile collection is a game-changer. Imagine setting your table with intricately designed tablecloths, placemats, and kitchen towels – each telling a story of festive joy and vintage allure.

Every piece from this Zazzle Christmas collection echoes what Vintage Nordica stands for – a blend of timeless aesthetics with the joyous spirit of the holidays. I personally find solace in the little details, and trust me when I say, this collection is brimming with them.

As we wrap this up (pun intended!), I’d like to extend my warmest wishes for the season. May your days be merry, bright, and Vintage Nordica stylish!



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