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Rediscovering Independence Day: Vintage Americana with Astrid

Hello everyone,

Astrid here, the proud owner of Vintage Nordica. Even though I now call Europe my home, my heart still beats with American pride. Growing up in the States, Independence Day was always a big deal. From the fireworks lighting up the night sky to the smell of BBQs and the joyful gatherings with friends and family, July 4th holds a special place in my memories.

independence day party

This year, I'm thrilled to share my new Retro Americana Independence Day Collection with you all. As someone who loves everything vintage and retro, I wanted to create designs that capture the nostalgic charm of classic Americana. And as we are exactly one month away from this year's celebration, you have just enough time to order your perfect accessories from our collection.

In this collection, you'll find a variety of items, each designed with a nod to America's rich heritage. I’ve put together some of my favorite symbols and landmarks, blending them with a clean, retro-comic style that I think you'll love.

T-Shirts and Tank Tops: Perfect for those summer picnics and fireworks shows, our shirts feature bold, iconic designs like the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore, all with a vintage twist.

Posters and Wall Art: Add a touch of patriotic flair to your home with posters showcasing the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon. These pieces are great for bringing a bit of American pride into any room.

Tote Bags: Whether you're heading to a BBQ or the beach, our tote bags are both stylish and practical, adorned with patriotic pin-up art and vintage travel poster designs.

Paper Plates and Cups, Table Cloths, Table Runners, Napkins, and Kitchen Towels: Make your July 4th gatherings even more special with our range of themed tableware. These items bring a cohesive, retro look to your party setup, ensuring everything ties together beautifully.

Creating this collection has been a journey back to my roots. Each piece is designed with love and a deep appreciation for the American spirit. I hope these designs bring as much joy to your Independence Day celebrations as they did to mine while creating them.

Wishing you all a happy and memorable July 4th!


Astrid 🇺🇸

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